housekeeping services

Chans Teq India Pvt Ltd is a leading provider of diversified housekeeping services in Bangalore . We offer housekeeping services tailor made to your need and wallet.

Chans Teq India Pvt Ltd is committed to provide professional, personal, preferential and flexible housekeeping services which suits your requirement. We have a professional team at Chans Teq India Pvt Ltd whose background is verified & validated.

Driven by customer satisfaction, Environment friendly practices are used at Chans Teq India Pvt Ltd across all the facilities. We carry with us wide range of experience in the line of business providing on time, efficient and effective maintenance solutions and cleaning services. Using the state of art electronic methods available in the market to make the services hassle free.
Chans Teq India Pvt Ltd provide commercial housekeeping services with consistent quality in areas not limited to healthcare, manufacturing, corporate, residential, retail, banks, industrial and educational institutions at Bangalore.